New Patient Information

However you found Kidney & Hypertension Associates or whatever your needs might be, we want you to feel prepared and welcomed from the first moment you walk through our doors.

The First Visit


New patients are always welcome at Kidney & Hypertension Associates, regardless of their care history or how they find our office. If you are new to the world of kidney care or if you're seeking another professional opinion about your case, we invite you to call our administrative office or the KHA location nearest you to schedule your appointment.

Below are some important forms that you will need to complete before your first visit. Please print them and fill out them out, and then bring them with you when you come to our office.

what to Expect when you choose KHA


At Kidney & Hypertension Associates, we don't base our treatment and management plans on "what everyone else is doing". In fact, our practice is purposely structured to allow for a very different approach to chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, hypertension, and other forms of kidney dysfunction than the conventional medical model provides.

The KHA team views each patient as an individual, with unique needs and circumstances that will impact how their case can best be addressed. Our expert doctors and nurse practitioners strive to offer the most personalized, state-of-the-art care strategies, technologies, prescription medications, and treatment options available to all of their patients, regardless of the type of healthcare coverage they have.

At Kidney & Hypertension Associates, we also make recommendations or adjustments to your care plan based on the way your body is feeling and functioning, and not on a corporate checklist. Perhaps most importantly, once you're part of the KHA family, we keep that relationship with you to provide support through every phase of your care.

Pysician Referrals

If you're a healthcare provider who wishes to refer a patient to Kidney & Hypertension Associates, please contact our administration office at (985) 893-0911

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Get The Care You Deserve

At Kidney and Hypertension Associates, our dedicated, knowledgeable physicians and nurse practitioners will work with you to find the best management and treatment strategy for hypertension, kidney disease, or disorders of kidney function, no matter what other factors may have influenced your kidney care before now. KHA patients can schedule regular visits at one of seven office locations across the Northshore area, and our providers consult with hospital-based physicians and direct operations for Fresenius dialysis units at medical centers and clinics throughout the region.

Call us today at (985) 893-0911 to schedule your first visit.