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For more than 20 years, Kidney & Hypertension Associates has served as a model for superior management of chronic kidney disease, hypertension, acute kidney injury, and other disorders of kidney function. The KHA network represents a partnership of some of the most respected kidney specialists in the world. Our nephrology experts have pioneered life-affirming treatment options and care strategies for people with kidney dysfunction, leading to improvements in long-term outlook and quality of life across the board.

At KHA, the first message we want our patients to hear is that you can live with kidney disease— even after a severe or chronic diagnosis.

Primary Nephrology Services


As doctors who specialize in conditions that affect kidney function, many of the patients we see have been diagnosed with one of three disorders: hypertension, acute kidney injury, or chronic kidney disease. There are important differences in each condition that can change the way that we approach your treatment plan, and may even help to prevent your condition from progressing to more serious forms of disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Hypertension Management

Acute Kidney Injury

Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

When you experience a decrease in kidney function that lasts for more than 3 months and leads to a buildup of waste products and extra fluids, this is classified as chronic kidney disease (CKD). Doctors use a 5-stage system to describe CKD, with Stage 1 being the mildest form and Stage 5 the most severe form. Chronic kidney disease can get worse over time if not properly managed. The KHA team is dedicated to applying the latest research and cutting-edge treatment options to stop or slow the progress of CKD in earlier stages, and find strategies that improve quality of life and preserve health for late-stage patients who may choose to pursue a kidney transplant.

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Hypertension Management

When a person's blood pressure readings stay above 130/80 mmHg most or all of the time, this indicates a condition called hypertension. Hypertension is extremely common, but can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Uncontrolled high blood pressure not only raises your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, but it can cause damage to your kidneys over time. People who are already experiencing kidney problems can also develop hypertension due to loss of renal function. At KHA, we work to find a hypertension management strategy that takes all of your health considerations into account in order to help you maintain healthier, more stable blood pressures and prevent new health issues from developing.

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Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury

Acute Kidney Injury occurs when kidney damage happens within a few hours to a few days, leading to a sudden loss of renal function. This type of kidney failure can result from any condition which decreases blood flow to the kidneys, blocks the passage of urine from the body, or damages kidney structures or tissue directly. Most patients with acute kidney injury will be hospitalized in the beginning so that doctors can closely monitor their kidney function and ensure that they are receiving the correct treatment. The experts at KHA will work closely with your hospital-based team to manage your AKI until you're well enough to be discharged, and then see you at our clinic for regular follow-up care to prevent your kidney damage from becoming permanent or progressive.

Supportive Services

Full-Spectrum Renal Care

Monitoring &

To ensure the best possible results from your treatment plan, we strive to prevent unnecessary issues or quickly address any changes in your condition by:

  • Ordering necessary lab work to measure blood chemistry
  • Regulating your body's fluids, electrolytes, and acid/base levels to keep them properly balanced

Managing Complex or
Multidisciplinary Cases

While diabetes is by far the most common contributing factor, other issues can also lead to hypertension and kidney disease. These include:

  • Multi-organ disorders that affect kidney function (e.g., cardiorenal syndrome)
  • Kidney function in non-diabetic endocrine disorders (e.g., parathyroid disease)
  • Medication-induced kidney dysfunction

Transitional Care

When patients reach the stage where dialysis is appropriate, we assist in securing additional medical support and help them to understand:

  • When home dialysis is appropriate and how the process is handled; or
  • When in-clinic dialysis is appropriate and how it works

Follow-up consultation & physician referrals


Kidney & Hypertension Associates wants to change the traditional paradigm of kidney care. First and foremost, our team will always treat you as an individual. We never simply check boxes or base our approach on numbers alone. We also believe that your options should never be limited by business decisions or profit margins. Instead, we strive to understand all the factors that underlie your disease and could impact the way your case is managed. Then we design a kidney care plan that accounts for your needs and desires in order to help you achieve the best possible long-term results.

Whether you have seen another nephrology specialist first or have been referred to KHA by your physician, we welcome you to join our team for a conversation about treatment and management alternatives that other medical practices may not have been able to offer you. For more information, please visit our New Patient page.

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At Kidney & Hypertension Associates, we agree that knowledge is power. We want patients, family members, and healthcare providers to have access to the latest in kidney care education, research, and news so that everyone involved can work together to support a positive outlook.

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Our team may be experts at kidney care, but no one is better qualified than our patients to talk about what truly makes Kidney & Hypertension Associates outstanding.

Kidney & Hypertension Associates patient Paula.

Paula, Patient for 5+ Years

"Dr. Powers came in to see my dad and address his kidney issues and he literally came in sat down next to the bed and had a conversation with my dad like he’s known him forever. I have polycystic kidney disease and at that moment I knew that I had to switch and Dr. Powers was the one I wanted to see."

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At Kidney and Hypertension Associates, our dedicated, knowledgeable physicians and nurse practitioners will work with you to find the best management and treatment strategy for hypertension, kidney disease, or disorders of kidney function, no matter what other factors may have influenced your kidney care before now. KHA patients can schedule regular visits at one of seven office locations across the Northshore area, and our providers consult with hospital-based physicians and direct operations for Fresenius dialysis units at medical centers and clinics throughout the region.

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